In early February, we announced that changes to the District Conference Assistant (CA) structure were in the works (review announcement) We are excited to share our next steps as we empower our CAs to live into their areas of giftedness.

In their newly-designed roles, CAs are changing from generalists to specialists. Since they will be playing to their strengths, so to speak, they will be more efficient and masterful in their work, which will enable our districts and staff to function more effectively. Our goal is to create even greater efficiencies and effectiveness within our teams.

Two districts will share a Conference Assistant. The map below shows the districts that will share a CA. These were determined based on the quantity and location of churches. Please note: Our districts have not changed. The pairing of districts is only being done in order to share conference assistants.

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Our goal is to better serve our local churches and their pastors and leaders. As CA roles and duties change from location-centric to function-centric, our five CAs assigned to districts will now have the time, space and resources to be an even greater ministry partner with their Conference Superintendents.

What happened to the other Conference Assistants?
The other Conference Assistants are now working in areas of their strengths too.
Conference Assistant assigned to Communications: Katie Swisher
Conference Assistants assigned to Database: Becky Huff-Cook and Becky Rees
Conference Assistant assigned to Finance: Rachael Hanger

And a fond celebration:
Sherry Fulbright, our Conference Assistant to the Northeast District for over 11 years has announced her retirement effective May 1, 2019.  We will be sharing more details about how you can celebrate with us as Sherry enters this next phase of her calling.

We will be sending introductory emails and more information about these transitions via District News in the near future.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Ian Hall, Director of Administration & Finance at