When a storm hits, we all want to help our neighbors. Between storms, we are wise to prepare. We can be trained, donate, pray, and assemble kits. As generous congregations assemble cleaning kits (formerly called flood buckets), they aren’t sure what to do next. Shipping them is costly and your conference coordinator is working to set up a much-needed network for collection.
You can help. We need five churches spread around the Indiana Conference as collection points for kits. Collection point churches need to be willing to receive calls and donated kits from other churches. Cleaning, hygiene, and school kits will be picked up from the collection point church at least twice a year by the Midwest Mission Distribution Center (MMDC) located in Chatham, Illinois. MMDC stores kits in readiness, and distributes them quickly when disaster strikes. We will coordinate the MMDC truck to make an efficient loop through the state stopping at each church according to an established cooperative schedule.
We need your help. Perhaps this is the type of disaster response that matches your church resources. All it requires is a moderate temperature room for storage and a contact person willing to coordinate by receiving calls and donations, then being available when the pick-up is scheduled.
If you can help or just need to know more, please contact Cindy Garver at cynthia.garver@inumc.org.