Indiana's Zanmi Fondwa Constructions Homes in Rural Haiti - INUMC

Home receives modern indoor toilet. Taken by Zanmi Fondwa.

Zanmi Fondwa is a non-profit that helps families in Fondwa, Haiti finds stability through housing, education, and economic development. Led by Rev. Jamalyn Peigh Williamson, Zanmi Fondwa hopes to build 40 houses in three years. This week they will complete construction on their 19th home. The houses are made of concrete and are built by Haitian masons. The organization is committed to hiring Haitians to do the construction as a way to increase economic stability in the community. Each home employs 15-20 workers.

Through an Indiana Conference Peace with Justice Grant, homes being constructed are able to have a modern indoor toilet. The norm in Fondwa for family toilets is an outhouse. Having an indoor toilet is a luxury for families. Zanmi Fondwa sees it as a necessity for the health of the family. Families work with a Homeowner Liaison to learn how to clean and maintain the toilet. It’s a small thing that amounts to a very big difference for families. To learn how you can be involved, go to or contact Pastor Jamalyn Peigh Williamson at