After years of ministry in the Indiana Conference, Milltown UMC closed its doors in June 2019. But the church found new and unique ways to continue their mission with the funds and resources they had left. In addition to donating to local organizations and ministries, the church used a portion of its funds to help build the new Milltown Memorial Church in Kabimba, Congo, located in the Tanganyika Conference.

Press Release

Milltown United Methodist is being reborn. The Indiana Conference discontinued the church in Milltown, Indiana on June 30, 2019. On that Sunday, the congregation gathered to share a celebration of what has been, shared communion in the moment, and prepared for a new birth. As the congregation closed the doors, they knew that a community of faith and the work of ministry would continue.

As the congregation approached closure, their pastor, the Rev. Dr. Lary Cropper, helped the congregation envision their legacy. While some of the funds will enable local events to continue and county ministries to thrive, the congregation sought a larger, God-centered legacy.
The church shared from its treasury enough money to build Milltown Memorial Church in Kabimba, Congo. Kabimba is located in the Tanganyika Conference. Friendly Planet Missiology helped make the connection.

Milltown Memorial will be more than the church building. The gift includes a house and a community center for school and healthcare. The ministry of Milltown UMC continues in an area overflowing with the Spirit of God.

As the final worship event drew to a close, the congregation entrusted the paraments and the altarware to Terri Walters who took them to Kibimba on behalf of the Milltown Church for use in the new location. Moreover, yet another connection was made between Milltown, Indiana and Kabimba, Congo as one of the members transferred their membership to Milltown Memorial in Kabimba making this project even more amazing!

Milltown UMC Continues Legacy in New Setting - INUMC

Milltown Memorial United Methodist Church in Congo, currently under construction.