Are you interested in caring for or improving your church’s program of history?

The General Commission on Archives and History of the United Methodist Church will be offering a Local Church Historian School in 2020 for church historians—or anyone interested in the story of their church.

This is the same school that the Commission on Archives and History has offered to the Indiana Conference in the past; however, in 2020 it will be offered to any United Methodist Church globally and underwritten by the General Commission*.

The Local Church Historian School curriculum will cover a wide range of skills necessary to become a “complete” church historian. Participating congregations will benefit from a new consciousness of their heritage and legacy and be motivated to study their unique stories and proclaim it to those around them.

The Book of Discipline says our Conference is “to encourage and assist the local churches in preserving their records, compiling their histories and celebrating their heritage….” This school provides United Methodists the opportunity to do just that.

A specific date for the start of the Local Church Historian School has not yet been determined.

Plan now to use this opportunity to ensure that the heritage of each of our church will be celebrated and that each church can receive the full benefit of its own amazing story.

*The only prerequisite for the Local Church Historian School is access to dependable email service. (Minimal computer skills are required.)

For more information, please contact Paul Wagner, Assistant to the Director of Connectional Ministries and member of the Commission, at