As Christians around the world are preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus by lighting Advent candles and presenting banners of Hope, Joy, Peace and Love, others are preparing for secular Christmas celebrations, without the recognition of the Christ child.

Rev. Greg Pimlot, Senior Pastor at Booneville Main Street UMC - INUMC

Rev. Greg Pimlot, Senior Pastor at Booneville Main Street UMC

Rev. Greg Pimlott, Senior Pastor at Boonville Main Street UMC, believes that Christians can take part in both the recognition of Advent and still enjoy the festivities this season has to offer. But he admits it’s a complicated issue.

He says, “The Church spends these four weeks reading scriptures about the nations streaming to God’s Holy mountain and singing hymns like Come Thou Long Expected Jesus — heavy, thoughtful, reflective stuff. But much of the world is in full out Christmas party mode.”

He adds, “So while we’re talking about God making paths in the wilderness, new life coming up, and sometimes, even buildings tumbling and time coming to an end, the world around us is talking about Santa Claus and his elves, and reindeer. “

To help bring light to the Advent season, Greg has been sharing two-minute devotions daily about the meaning of Advent and its significance in the life and faith of Christ followers.

He hopes that this is “a way of keeping our congregation connected during the pandemic, giving folks another outlet for faith and devotion, and hopefully connect with some folks who aren’t connected to a church right now.“

The videos are edited in a Tik-Tok style, the social media forum that’s been sweeping the nation this year and allows people from around the world to share their thoughts—and lives—in small bites. Greg shares the videos on Facebook and Youtube. Each weekly series reflects a different theme: “We Need a Savior” was the first theme, followed by “A Messiah is Born.”

Greg posts them each morning, Monday through Friday. “All you have to do is click and watch for two minutes or so, or whenever it’s convenient for you,” he said. “You’ll read a Bible verse, we’ll have a little chat, and you’ll be on your way.“

He continued, “No matter how much of your mind is occupied by the really good things that are in front of you today, there will be a little part of your heart that’s ready for the even better things to come.”

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