Indiana Conference Center staff are putting together care packages filled with a variety of snacks and treats for summer staff at different Impact 2818 campsites across Indiana. The packages will be received soon by camp managers, counselors, and volunteers who will commit their time and energy to help young people build and strengthen a relationship with God by coordinating days filled with faith-related activities and programs.

The idea for this ministry opportunity sprouted from an experience involving Conference Assistant Roscel Carandang, who spent her summer months volunteering at three campsites a few years ago. She saw firsthand the amount of time, effort, and dedication that goes into making camp a reality for hundreds of young people each year, as well as the long, demanding days staff members, predominantly young adults, work to ensure a meaningful and lasting experience for each camper.

Roscel said, “We ask staff managers how many staff persons they have this season and we build each box according to quantity. We also ask them the best time to receive the packages and most managers say mid-season when staff are in need of an uplift.”

Roscel begins collecting snack items in early spring. Some she purchases herself, and others are donated by Center staff. When she has gathered enough, she commits a day to package the contents in large boxes to send to each campsite. She relies on the aid of friendly volunteers to ensure each shipment arrives at its destination.

“Care packages are then taken to the campsites by Conference staff who happen to be going there and deliver the packages directly to the camp managers who then present it to the staff. They’re presented as a surprise.”

Camp staff have been very appreciative of the kind gesture.

In a note thanking the Conference staff, Beth True, Site Manager at Camp Indicoso in Springville, Indiana, shared “Thank you so much for putting this together. The kids were really excited last year when they received the package. It’s nice to know you all are thinking of us. Thank you!”

Janee LaFuze, Program Manager at Pine Creek Camp, wrote “The staff at Pine Creek have no idea this is happening. Waiting to see their happy faces when they receive it!”