I’m a widow whose husband had passion for music but never went pro. I have a Kawai Piano belonging to my late husband for adoption. I’m looking to give away my late husband’s baby grand piano to a loving home, music school or church.

The piano is a Kawai RX-2 Grand Piano. The dimension is Length: 5’10” (178 cm), Width: 61″ (152 cm), Height: 40″ (102 cm). It was last tuned sometime last year before he passed. The piano is about 2 years old and in an excellent condition. I’m hoping to give it out to someone who is a passionate lover of the instrument.

The Piano is now stored with the moving company that is handling my relocation, they offer piano storage and moving services. The movers can deliver anywhere. However, the beneficiary has to pay for the moving cost. The piano is still in a very good condition, be rest assured I am not giving out a scrap. Instruments become very personal almost like pets. You know you wouldn’t want your string instruments to end up just anywhere.

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