Lay Servant Ministries is one of the most significant lay leadership development programs available within the United Methodist connection. Through this equipping and empowering system, lay servants have the opportunity to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ who then make other disciples.

A key element of Lay Servant Ministries is the Lay Servant Academy (LSA) course offerings, providing educational, discipleship, and networking opportunities for lay people in the Central District and throughout the Indiana Annual Conference to grow in their faith, their knowledge of United Methodist connections and theology to become more effective leaders in their local congregations and the church at large. 

While LSA courses have continued via Zoom throughout the pandemic, there has not been the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of course participants over the past twelve months – during this current Annual Conference year.  

As part of a recent Central District conference, we were pleased to recognize and honor those who have completed these courses.   Four courses were offered via Zoom with a total of 42 participants:


Life Together in the United Methodist Connection – Polity 

July 2020; Instructor:  Rev. Dr. P.T. Wilson


  • Stant Clark
  • Kathleen Dillon
  • Cindy Flagg
  • Jannell Gunn
  • Steve Gunn
  • Andrew Moore
  • Melissa Moore
  • Bob Sabo


Living Our United Methodist Beliefs – Polity

February 2012; Instructor:  Rev. Dr. P.T. Wilson


  • Robert Bartlett
  • David Buttram
  • Jay DuMontelle
  • Ginette Einspahr
  • Rita Gaither-Gant
  • Annie Hendrix
  • Gerald Kessler
  • Diane Quance
  • Timothy Rowe
  • Sarah Spearman


Leading Public Prayer

April 2021; Instructor: Rev. Chiyona Bourne


  • Kathleen Dickman
  • Ginette Einspahr
  • Annie Hendrix
  • Cindy Lovegrove
  • David Lovegrove
  • Myra McCullough
  • Timothy Rowe
  • Larna Spearman
  • Sarah Spearman
  • Ethel Thompson
  • Ryan Wireman


Living Our United Methodist Beliefs

April 2012; Instructor:  Rev. Matthew Stultz


  • Lyn Helen Bonfils
  • David Buttram
  • Ronald Cross
  • Marguerite Hart
  • Walter Hart
  • Darrell Largen
  • David Lovegrove
  • Tan Mayhall
  • Stacey Moore
  • Stephen Moore
  • Rebecca Pear
  • Anna Griggs

Thank you all for your commitment to discipleship and leadership!  And a heartfelt “thank you” to the instructors who gave of their time and expertise and passion for their subject matter.   You are a blessing and we hope to call on you again soon!

What’s next?

Keep watching this space:  We will post the next set of course offerings there, which includes for the summer: 

  • The Basic Course – in July, via Zoom
  • Leading Public Prayer – August, via Zoom
  • Spiritual Gifts – August, via Zoom


As restrictions begin to ease, we look forward to an in-person Lay Servant Academy in November, with offerings such as The Basic Course; Worship; Spiritual Gifts; Polity; Preaching. 

More to come!  

Kurt Schoch

Central District Director, Lay Servant Ministries