aleze fulbright, east district, district superintendent“From Water to Witness” was the theme for this year’s Annual Conference Session and since its conclusion, I began processing more deeply the charge we have to be witnesses for Jesus Christ.

As we know, the sacrament of baptism is God’s gift to us, as an outward sign of an inward grace. It is through baptism, we are incorporated into the family of God through Jesus Christ; and as part of the family, we take vows and make commitments in that moment of celebration to result in a lifetime of service for the sake of Christ.

Over the next year, as we continue to remember the theme from the Annual Conference Session (and always being mindful of our baptismal covenant), may we become more intentional about our ways and our witness for Jesus Christ. As we continue to share about, and show what it means to be missional, may we not negate proclaiming about the ways God is currently working through our lives (we call theseGod-encounters or Glory-sightings). As the East District welcomes Conference Superintendent Rev. Russ Abel and his family July 1, I would hope you will be able to continue to carry the mission and message of Jesus Christ across the 6 counties and beyond.

So, as I bid “see you around” to the 74 clergy, 94 congregations, and over 10,200+ United Methodists in the Engaged, Excited, and Enthusiastic East District, I would like to extend a sincere word of THANKS for this past year filled with mountain top and valley experiences, celebrations and tribulations…but through it all, I have to come to appreciate the value of our Connection and the incredible love from the community of faithful Christ-followers who are committed to the Great Commission…Thank You, Thank You, and Thank YOU!

Much Love and Many Blessings…

Conference Superintendent serving the East District