The spiritual journey in my life has been forged by practice, patience, prayer and perseverance. My faith is guided by the three simple rules of doing good, doing no harm and staying in love with God. My continued formation is guided by the influence of scripture, tradition, reason, and experience and by the concepts of social and personal holiness. My heart is pushed to direct my mind, words and actions by the prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness as reaffirmed in the membership vows.

My journey of faith continues with the formation of my theology through the Bible, John Wesley’s writings, the Articles of Religion, the Confession of Faith, The United Methodist Book of Discipline, including the social principles and the social creed. My spiritual guidance is framed by scripture, the primacy of grace, holiness, human worth, conversion and new birth, prevenient grace, faith with good works and tolerance. My faith is lived into by recognizing and participating the holy sacraments of baptism and holy communion and the use of spiritual disciplines.

I affirm the order and the organization of the United Methodist Church. The history, polity, doctrine and tradition create a strong confirmation of continued viable ministry service. The organizational structure gives order to the practice of connectional links from the local church, to the district, to the annual conference, the jurisdictional conference and the General Conference.

Why I am a United Methodist is summed up in three primary areas: commitment, nurture and outreach.

Commitment is acknowledging Christ as Savior and Lord, living as faithful disciples and growing holiness of heart and life. Nurturing folks in education, worship, spiritual disciplines and the sacraments. With outreach to witness to others for Christ, caring for those in need and striving to be a faithful follower of Christ in all manners of my life experience.

Rev. John Groves