Don’t speak Shona? No problem! Huku means “chicken.”

Recently, generous Northwest churches sent 3 months of food hampers to our clergy brothers and sisters in the Makoni-Buhera district of East Zimbabwe, the home of our own Wellington Chiomadzi. Wellington and I met with D.S. Diana Matikiti, who agreed with us that their help to us will be a prayer conference on April 24 as well as some teaching on the district structure there. They have so much to teach us about how to be resilient and faithful in tough times. We will be sharing the learnings with you via these emails as well as in other ways such as our monthly zooms.

There is reciprocity in this, and their pastors want to be self-sustaining. How could we make that happen? Her answer? “Chickens!”

For $366, a pastor would receive 100 chicks and 10 bags of feed. This would allow that pastor to not only support his or her family, but also “pay it forward” to another pastor, retired pastor, or student pastor to do the same.

Northwest District Operational Team committed to asking our churches to cover this cost for 15 pastors. This way, by the time winter comes to Zimbabwe, all the pastors will be able to raise and sell chickens for meat in the markets there, for purchasing food and more chickens. It’s chicken feed for both of us!

Send your contribution with your regular conference tithe to ‘Northwest District Zimbabwe Food” or send it directly to INUMC 301 Pennsylvania Parkway Suite 300, Carmel, IN 46280, attention Eva Goeb.