Methodist Temple UMC
2109 Lincoln Ave.  |  Evansville, IN
Saturday, October 19  |  1-4:00 PM
Event offered free of charge by the Albion Center

  • What is it like to live below the poverty line?
  • How could you raise a family on minimum wage?
  • What can churches do to change things for the better?

We’ll explore all these questions and more through the Community Action Poverty Simulation (CAPS) at Methodist Temple.

For an afternoon, you will step into the shoes of a real impoverished family and struggle to survive for one simulated month. You may live as an elderly woman who must decide between buying groceries or medication, as an older brother taking care of younger siblings while his parents are incarcerated, or a single parent who cannot work a job and pay for childcare.

This powerful experience will not leave you the same and will empower you to address poverty in your community. The simulation requires a minimum of 25 participants and can accommodate up to 88, so please RSVP to Methodist Temple (812.476.1306) by Friday, October 11. All persons age 11 and up can participate. Childcare will be provided.