Thank you for your continued faithful and generous support to the Indiana Conference. We strive to be good and faithful stewards of the resources for which we have been entrusted by members of the Annual Conference.

For that reason, we’re constantly asking how we can have a greater alignment of resources to serve the local church, increase efficiencies so processes are less complex, and work toward better collaboration between districts, core ministries, and administration so that we can better live out our mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

To that end, our Conference Assistants (CAs) assigned to Districts will be shifting roles and responsibilities in April. Some CAs will be focused on specific assignments (like helping districts with tasks related to Finance or Communications), while others will continue serving specific areas/districts.

Why are we making this change?

Some of our CAs have been performing duties that are outside of their preferred skill sets. In our newly-designed roles, our CAs are empowered to maximize their giftedness by doing tasks that they enjoy and feel comfortable doing. Essentially, they are changing from generalists to specialists. Since they will be playing to their strengths, so to speak, they will be more efficient and masterful in their work, which will enable our districts and staff to function more effectively. We anticipate that you will experience greater service in the end.

Why are we letting you know now?

We wanted to make you aware that the change is coming so you’re not caught off-guard. Again, the transition won’t take place until April, but we wanted you to know ahead of time. In the meantime, it remains business as usual (a.k.a. your CAs are still your CAs, so please utilize them accordingly.)

We’ll share more details in the coming weeks. We’re excited about this change and what it means for our Conference moving forward.

We appreciate your grace and patience in this time of transition as we ensure that our staff is performing at its highest capacity and giftedness, which will best support our districts moving forward.


Ian Hall
Director, Administration & Financial Services