Diversity, Missions, and Justice Ministries of The United Methodist Churches of Indiana is pleased to announce Pastor Zachary Manton will serve as the Annual Conference Secretary of Global Ministries (CSGM), Class of 2025, along with his continued appointment to Jasonville UMC.

The role and primary functions of the CSGM include advocating for Global Ministries’ priorities within our Conference, along with helping to build strong relationships with missionaries and financial support.

Rev. Jen Huff, Conference Missions Coordinator, has been serving alongside Pastor Manton on the Children Matter Most team, where he serves as a liaison for COSROW; she is excited to serve with him in the area of missions. Rev. Huff shares that, “In each capacity that he serves, Pastor Manton brings a high level of excellence, dedication, and follow-through, to make sure that the voices of the marginalized are heard.”  

“I am very excited to serve in this capacity as I have a heart for those serving in the mission field,” states Pastor Manton. “I bring to this position my understanding of Acts 1:8. Supporting those missionaries globally begins with our Jerusalem. It begins in our communities, in our homes, and in our hearts. I pray for the wisdom, discernment, and courage to bring this heart to each congregation in our conference.”

If you are interested in learning more about serving with missions at the Conference level, please contact Rev. Jen Huff at jennifer.huff@inumc.org or 317-564-3245.