About Administration & Financial Services

Caring and planning for each of our Core Ministries to fully align with our mission, vision, and values, as well as our level of stewardship is a collaborative effort done by and through the work of the Extended Cabinet, the Conference Council on Finance and Administration, the Conference Board of Pensions and Health Benefits, as well as the Conference Board of Trustees – each connecting to the other to support excellence.  However, the body of this missional work is encompassed in the efforts of the Administration and Financial Services Team including these essential areas: Administration Services, Support Services, Financial Services, the Appointive Cabinet, the Episcopal Office, as well as Communications.

Administrative Services

Administrative Services is key to enriching each core ministry area of the Conference through administrative support and resourcing to dot the“i’s”and cross the“t’s”by allowing ministry experts to do the work of ministry and not the work of administration. This area also is charged with caring for the necessary details, which are important but often laborious, that allow us as a Conference to worry less about caring for our people and our facilities as they manage some of the often“behind the scenes” processes including:
  • property and liability insurance,
  • overseeing legal counsel/legal support,
  • As well as, event registration and management which includes caring for the administrative and logistical details of Annual Conference.

Financial Services

Financial Services works to provide the highest level of integrity, transparency, and management of the financial resources of the Conference to align with our mission, vision and core values. While also being vigilant in monitoring the current market and economic realities that can impact the legacy and future of the Conference, as well as the Denomination. This area also ensures that each of our ministries is updated with real-time reports to keep leaders in the know of where we stand so they can continue to carry out work to fully realize the mission, as well as plan to pivot when necessary.

To contact a member of our Administration & Financial Services Team, please visit our Staff page here.

Support Services

Support Services is established to achieve quality in managing care and wellness for active and retired clergy, surviving spouses, as well as laity who serve the Conference as employees. Through this area, we seek to provide a Christ-centered approach in establishing and sourcing quality leadership for the Conference, compliance to all state and federal regulations in the aspect of talent management and engagement, while also managing the appropriate vetting of volunteers of staff for the protection of all of our people. Support Services also provides leadership in the continuity and integrity of our technology infrastructure and data management procedures.

To contact a member of Support Services, please visit our Staff page here.