We have compiled a variety of resources relating to finances that are often times inquired about. Materials such as audit guides, ways to safeguard church finances, and suggestions for possible church management software have been made available on this page.


Church Management Software

From time to time, we get questions from local church pastors, staff, treasurers or secretaries about Computer Software for local churches. We have put together a listing of Church Software vendors on the market with their web site links. You may wish to visit these sites to explore the various kinds of software that are available to local churches.

When reviewing church software for use in your church it is advisable to do four things:

  1. List your needs for data management software before talking to any vendor. As you discuss your needs with the prospective vendors use this as a check list for determining if the software will meet your needs as a church.
  2. Get a demonstration version of the software for review by the church personnel that will be using the software. Have the vendor come and do the demonstration or visit a site where the software is being used and have them demonstrate the functionality of the software. For accounting packages, be sure you see the actual reports that the software will produce.
  3. Ask the software vendor what computer system requirements are optimal for running the software. Will you be satisfied with how the new software runs on your current system or need to buy new computer hardware?
  4. Have the software vendor give you a list of churches in your area who use the software. Call them. Find out what modules they are using and how they like it. Make a visit for a discussion with them.

Church Management Software Web sites

The following links are NOT recommendations – only information offered to you as a service: