Tax Information

Available here are several pieces of tax information that United Methodist clergy or churches of Indiana may need. All of these forms are available in PDF format only. Adobe reader is free to download here.

Clergy W2 Prep

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The United Methodist Church Group Tax-Exemption Ruling and the Indiana Annual Conference

Group Exemptions
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) sometimes recognizes a group of organizations as tax-exempt if they are affiliated with a central organization. This avoids the need for each of the organizations to apply for exemption individually. A group exemption letter has the same effect as an individual exemption letter except that it applies to more than one organization.

The United Methodist Church
As the central organization for the United Methodist Church (UMC) Group Ruling, the General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) has been granted the authority by the IRS to determine which organizations are included in the UMC Group Ruling.

GCFA has certified that the Indiana Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, Inc. is included in the tax-exempt Group Ruling as an affiliate organization.

Two documents; an inclusion letter and copy of the IRS Group Ruling determination letter serve as verification of the 501(c)(3) tax-exemption status of the Indiana Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, Inc.

For your church’s inclusion letter please go to and fill out the online application. (You will need your federal id number.) At the end of the process, your inclusion letter will be available to download and/or print/save.

Other Exemption Forms:

  • UBIT
  • NP20A (Application for Sales Tax Exemption)