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Participants in HealthFlex can maximize their benefits by participating in the annual Health Check online health assessment by August 31. Participants who complete this brief assessment will:

    • Avoid paying more for their 2024 HealthFlex deductible. (Both participant and spouse (if covered by HealthFlex) need to complete the Health Check.)
    • Earn 35 Wellness Credits for completing the Health Check. When members reach 150 Wellness Credits, they earn $150!

Visit or the Virgin Pulse mobile app and click the Health tab to complete the assessment.

The deadline to complete the Health Check is August 31. If you have any questions, please contact the Wespath Well-Being Team at


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Beginning April 1st, there will be no cost for MDLIVE Telehealth Services through 2024 for all participants.



The 2023 Health Benefits webpages will contain the latest information as it is available to the Conference. Please direct questions to

Click here to download the 2023 health insurance rates. Click here to download the 2023 plan comparisons.

CHURCH CONTRIBUTION TO HEALTH INSURANCE FOR 2022 = $1340 per month Based on full-time appointment(s) to church

Open Enrollment for our active clergy (under the age of 65) and lay conference employees is about to begin. The enrollment period will last from November 3 to November 18, 2021. Please be sure to visit Wespath online for all the details and planning information needed to make the best decisions for you and your family this year.

Exciting Premium Rates

Due to the hard work and changes made in the past few years to a broader array of plans—and many of you considering plans with health savings accounts—we have been able to keep premium rate increases to a bare minimum and give more in premium credit to our participants, resulting in a very small monthly increase to participants. Other employers and employees are enduring double-digit increases in monthly health insurance premium costs, while we are maintaining roughly a 1% increase dependent on the plan elected. We are also happy to share that the church contribution for full-time appointments will only increase by 1% from 2021 to 2022. Click here to download premium rates, including dental and vision. Click here to download a document comparing all the HealthFlex Exchange Plans.  Should you have any problems or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Angela Byrd,

Visit the Wespath Website

Save the date – Fall 2021 Open Enrollment Period Readiness

We are presenting our Open Enrollment Period Readiness in a new and exciting format this year. Mark your calendar for Wednesday, September 22 at 2:00 p.m. ET / 11:00 a.m. PT for our upcoming one-hour webcast where we’ll share what you and your retirees can expect during this time.

The webcast will focus on the following three key topics:

  • Preparing for Open Enrollment
  • Medicare and Individual Family Plan updates
  • Retiree experience

The webcast will include a live Q&A at the end of the presentation, where you will have the opportunity to ask questions.

More information and registration details to follow soon!

We’re ready! Let’s go!

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Important Information

Retiree Health Benefits change from AmWins to Via Benefits Beginning 2020 Beginning January 1, 2020, the current retiree health plan offered to you by the Indiana Conference through AmWins will be replaced by a program administered by Willis Towers Watson’s Via Benefits, the nation’s leading provider of health care solutions for Medicare-eligible retirees.  This change applies to all eligible current and future retirees, their covered spouses, and surviving spouses covered by Medicare Parts A and B, as well as to disabled participants who are Medicare-eligible.  Communications have been mailed to you regarding the details of this change. If you were not able to attend one of the meetings.  The following alternatives are available: Alternative to Live Meetings  Via Benefits offers these additional retiree educational opportunities via

  • Anytime Audio Recordings
  • Anytime Web Recordings
  • Live Audio Call-In Meeting

The  “2019 Getting Started Guide” and the “2019 Enrollment Guide was mailed to each current participant of the supplemental health program.  It explains the steps to take during this transition from AmWins to Via Benefits. Completed your Enrollment – What’s Next Step 1Create your Profile online with Via Benefits to manage your benefits (if you have access to a computer) A.   Go to B.   Log into your VIA Benefits online account C.   Click Funds & Reimbursement D.   Click Reimbursement Center E.   Click Profile/Enroll in Direct Deposit Indiana Conference provides tax-free funding to help reimburse your eligible health care expenses. After you pay your health care provider, you can get reimbursed directly from the available funds. Step 2 –  Be sure to review your elections for accuracy in enrollment process Step 3 – HRA Welcome Kit in Mid-January A participant can submit a reimbursement online through the website. If the participant does not want to submit through the website they can download the forms and submit the form for reimbursement through fax or mail. The participants can set up direct deposit when setting up their account online. Direct deposit is a 3 day turnaround and paper check is up to 7-10 days. Should you have questions, Via Benefits is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm ET and can be reached directly at 1-866-249-7785 or online   Please remember to register and create an account to your personal health plan information on the Via Benefits Website.

_______________________________________________________________ Medicare Eligible Participants Still Actively Working and on Healthflex  Most people enroll in Medicare Part A  (hospital coverage) when they turn 65, whether they are working or not. This is because Part A is premium free for most people. You earn this benefit by paying into the Medicare program while you’re working. You qualify for premium-free Part A if you or your spouse contributed to Medicare for at least 10 years. An active working lay person age 65 and older may remain on the Conference Sponsored Health Plan under Wespath until the first day of their retirement date.  For as long as you have health insurance through INUMC or an employer for which your spouse actively works after you turn 65, you have the right to delay enrolling in Medicare until the employment or the coverage stops (whichever happens first). At that point, you’re entitled to a special enrollment period of up to eight months to sign up for Medicare without incurring any late penalties.   It is important  to contact the Social Security Administration Office to let them know that you are still actively working and wish to delay your enrollment in Part B and incur the late penalties until retirement date.  I have provided the contact information for you below. Once you decide to retire you may continue on the Wespath Via Benefits plan until you discontinue the plan and term it.  The rates for the plan will depend on the plans you elect through Via Benefits.  You will receive the Surviving Spouse benefits as long as you continue on the Conference Sponsor Health Plan.   I suggest you call the Social Security Administration Office and let them know that you plan to continue to work and that you would like to delay your benefits until your retirement date at which time you will begin your Medicare Part B.  I will also have information for the person attending the Healthflex Exchange Meeting for person eligible for Medicare.  Please ask when signing in for that information. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ RESOURCES FOR HDHP MEDICARE ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS

Access the full HealthFlex/WebMD site from the WebMD with information and materials about your health benefits.  Don’t miss important HealthFlex information. Just click to get connected!  HEALTHFLEX WEBMD

Having trouble logging in to your Healthflex WebMD?

  • Call WebMD at 1-866-302-5742 if you need assistance
  • About Your Privacy – WebMD is committed to protecting your privacy. We encourage you to read our privacy policy which describes how WebMD may use and disclose your information.


Need to talk to someone about your HealthFlex benefits or well-being programs?


EY Financial Planning Services

Whether you just have a specific question or your concern requires an in-depth discussion, your financial planner can provide the personalized guidance you need to develop an action plan. If you don’t know where to start, EY professionals are skilled interviewers who can put you on the right track. The services are Confidential, Unbiased Guidance at no additional cost to you. HOW DO I GET STARTED? Depending on your question, EY may need some information. They can take it over the phone, or you can provide it by fax, e-mail or upload it to the EY website. You may alsowant to provide them your account information through Benefits Access. Visit your Wespath Benefit Access and follow these steps:

  1. Select Take Action from the toolbar.
  2. Under UPDATE PERSONAL DATA, choose “Change E&Y authorization.”
  3. Select the button that reads, “I authorize E&Y financial planners to view my Benefits Access account.” (They can view your account information, but they can’t submit transactions. PLUS, you can change this preference at any time.)

Tax-Advantaged Health Accounts

Tax-advantaged accounts can help you save money for health and dependent care and get reimbursed for certain out-of-pocket costs. Ask your plan sponsor about the following types of accounts that may be offered along with your HealthFlex group health plan:

  • Health savings account (HSA)—included with HSA plans
  • Health reimbursement account (HRA)—included with HRA plans
  • Flexible spending accounts (FSAs) for dependent care and health care

UPDATES Using Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (DCFSA) Funds for Virtual Events In lieu of needing in-person childcare when schools and camps may be closed or have restricted availability, there are other ways participants can make use of the funds in their DCFSAs.  Some activities a child takes part in from home, such as a virtual day camp or educational events, may be eligible for payment through the DCFSA. Examples include but are not limited to “Live” (i.e. Zoom) sessions that engage the child for a set period such as:

  • Interactive Story Time
  • Science Experiments and Discussion
  • Arts and Crafts Sessions
  • Instructional Physical Activity

To find out whether a particular event is covered, participants should contact WageWorks at 1-877-924-3967.

Changes Allowed to Health Plans, DCAs and FSAs Due to COVID-19

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allowances for health plans in recognition of the fact that many participants are facing unanticipated changes in expenses due to COVID-19, include:

  • Permitting mid-year changes to plan elections, such as:
    • Electing, changing or ceasing health coverage
    • Prospectively electing or increasing/decreasing health flexible spending arrangements (health care FSAs)
    • Prospectively electing or increasing/decreasing dependent care flexible spending arrangements (dependent care FSAs)
  • Extending the claims period to the end of 2020 for unused 2019 FSA or DCA amounts that were due to expire before the end of the year
  • Allowing previously provided temporary relief for high deductible health plans to be applied retroactively to January 1, 2020
Limitation and Restrictions:  HealthFlex is only allowing the above changes to FSA (dependent care and medical) and these must be prospective. Some virtual camps (as long as they are associated with a specific topic or skill, like crafts, sports) can also be reimbursable through the DCA. We recognize that some people’s plans have changed due to COVID (daycares not open, elective procedures cancelled), which is beyond their control, so we are making this important allowance. No changes to the health plans until the annual election period. We are covering COVID treatment at 100% for all plans, so unexpected health costs due to COVID should be covered in all plans.
Wespath provides a variety of resources for your Health, Well-Being and Welfare.   These resources to enable you to have the information you need at your finger tips and view at your own convenience.  There are programs and services offered through Wespath  to promote well-being among individuals and their congregations.  Participants can log into HealthFlex/WebMD for details about Virgin Pulse, Blueprint for Wellness, WebMD coaching, HealthQuotient (HQ), employee assistance program and wellness incentives.

Final list may change—subject to OptumRx Preventive Premium drug list

Mid-Year Changes to HSA can occur to  the amount you contribute to your HSA at any time during the plan year. If you are changing the amount contributed via payroll on a pre-tax basis.  You may complete a Healthflex Change Form with the new amount or contact WageWorks to obtain further details at (877) 924-3967.

2021 HSA Limits Released

On May 20, the IRS released its new Health Savings Account contribution limits and HDHP deductible limits for 2021. The new limit for individuals increased $50 to $3,600 per year, and the limit for family coverage increased $100 to $7,200 per year. These increases represent a 1.4% increase over the 2020 limits. Additionally, the catch-up contribution for those over 55 remains the same at $1,000. These limits will go into effect on January 1, 2021. Click here to View De-Mystifying Health Savings Accounts (HSA) Please Read – HSA Adoption Agreement – Terms – Conditions Wespath has implemented an enhancement to the single sign on (SSO) from WebMD to Blue Cross Blue Shield today. It now uses a more modern technology, which should bolster security (not that it was lacking before). Because the SSO will point to a new “website” (that looks the same as the old one), participants will need to re-register and accept new terms and conditions.  Information needed to register includes: Name, Birthdate, and Identification number (not including “GBH”) and the Group Number from their medical ID card.


Dental and Vision insurance promote preventive care and contribute to overall health and wellness. These benefits help pay for services typically not covered by private medical plans, filling the coverage gap to maintain oral and eye health.  Outlined below you will find a

CIGNA DHMO Dentist Selection Process for Participants

Participants who have selected the new DHMO dental plan for 2020 will have to select a primary care dentist from Participants who do not make a selection will be assigned a dentist in their area, but will be free to change their dentist election at a later date if desired. Participants must notify Cigna of the dentist they choose by calling Cigna at 1- 800-244-6224. Here is a Guide to walk DHMO participants through the process of selecting a DHMO dentist on – Patient Charge Schedule LEARN MORE ABOUT YOUR DENTAL PLAN CHOICES

How to Increase Your Dental Plan Maximum Under the dental plan offered through HealthFlex, individuals have the opportunity to increase their plan maximum benefit on a calendar-year basis merely by doing their annual routine exam for oral health care and getting their preventive dental services. Individuals who receive their preventive services will have their plan maximum increased by $150 for each calendar year they complete their preventive services (up to $450 maximum above the standard benefit). Why Is This Important? Encouraging preventive care contributes to your overall good health, along with potentially leading to fewer treatment claims and lower costs over time. Preventive dental care can also help diagnose the onset of some medical conditions and potentially avoid complications for other diseases. Wellness Incentive Plan Your plan is designed to encourage yearly visits to your dentist for preventive care. If a covered person obtains Class 1 Services (preventive) in a calendar year, the annual maximum benefit progresses to the next level ($150 higher) in the following calendar year. The increase applies to both in-network and out-of-network annual maximums. The maximum can be increased in three consecutive years for a total of $450 above your standard dental benefit. Refer to the Cigna Benefit Summary for provisions regarding your dental plan or log into to view your plan details and current maximum benefit. You may also visit your Healthflex WebMD for more information, or review your elected Dental Benefit Summary.


Vision Benefit

How to Use My Vision Eye Care Discount Benefits: Using your VSP benefit is easy:

  • Find the right eye care provider for you and your family. You can choose to see a VSP doctor or any other provider within the network.
  • Review your benefits information through your HealthFlex WebMD or your review your elected Vision Benefit Summary
  • At your appointment, tell them you have VSP. There’s no ID card required. A vision card is available to print through your HealthFlex WebMD or download from the mobile site.

That’s it!  We’ll handle the rest—there are no claim forms to complete when you see a VSP doctor. If you choose to go out-of-network and see a provider other than a VSP doctor, you typically have 12 months to submit a claim to VSP for out-of-network reimbursement.  Login to your HealthFlex WebMD to see what the plan offers in coverage for other providers (out-of-network) and for details on how to submit a claim. Have Questions?  Call VSP Member Services at 800.877.7195 to speak with a Member Services Representative.

As courtesy, IU Health extends to all active clergy insured through the Indiana Conference insurance plans a discount for medical services rendered at a IU Health facility   Nearly 600 pastors and conference staff benefit from  this relationship. All IU Health hospitals (and IU Health BILLED entities) participate in this discount.  When you receive services at IU Health, and after you meet your annual deductible, any remaining charges after your insurance company pays their portion will be waived up to your annual out-of-pocket limit.  Deductible must be met to participate in this benefit sponsored by IU Health. Click Here for more details – 2022 IU Health Letter COVID-19 Vaccine Patient FAQ Sheet
Basic Life Insurance is a paid benefit for persons participating in the HealthFlex Health Plans.  This amount is a flat $20,000 in which is provided solely by Indiana Conference.   There is also Supplemental Life Insurance which allows you to choose Life Insurance coverage in addition to your group basic life coverage at low group rates. This coverage is paid through convenient deductions from your compensation.   You may elect to purchase life insurance for your spouse covered on the health plan in increments of amounts of $5,000 up to $25,000 of coverage at an amount based on the primary participant’s age.  For dependent children, you may elect a flat $10,000 of supplemental life insurance. You may view the cost of the supplemental life coverage through the rate chart provided below of the Lincoln Life Benefit Summary. Find additional details about Lincoln Life Increments – At-A-Glance