Central Conference Pension Initiative

The Central Conference Pension Initiative (CCPI) is a long-term solution that provides retirement financial security for dedicated church leaders and surviving spouses who would otherwise have little or nothing. Your charitable gifts will help establish and fund pension programs in conferences where support is greatly needed.

Looking Ahead

Even though much has been accomplished, the CCPC is aware of the significant amount of work yet to be done. There are 71 annual and provisional annual conferences in 42 countries outside the United States. The complexities of local laws, cultures, history and traditions in these diverse areas bring a wide variety of challenges. Pilot projects are now under way in Liberia and Mozambique. The CCPC continues to explore ways to expand assistance to even more conferences.

The task before us is daunting. Much work needs to be done to assure that the Church can continue to provide for those who serve when their careers in ministry end. This is a connectional challenge that will be accomplished by giving gifts of time, monetary contributions and spiritual strength in support of those who serve the central conferences. Your prayers and gifts are needed.