Looking for an easy way for your congregation to give during this time of virtual ministry?

Vanco, a partner of the UMC’s General Council on Finance and Administration, currently serves approximately 25,000 churches and faith-based organizations as clients.

Vanco’s GivePlus platform provides local congregations with the tools to accept gifts via their website, through a smartphone app, or a text message. This service facilitates recurring donations for weekly offerings, pledges or one-time gifts to an unlimited number of funds. Donations can be made using checking or savings accounts or credit/debit cards.

Vanco offers a “start” plan for congregations who anticipate less than $20,000 a month in eGiving. For any UMC church that enrolls with Vanco, the monthly fee for the Start Plan will be waived for a full year.

In general, the church can expect a cost rate of about 2.0-2.5% per transaction. This is a fee a bank or credit card company charges the vendor to process the transaction. However, this transaction cost can be reduced with a fee offset option. Donors can be given the option to cover the payment processing fees. If Karen, for example, makes a $20 donation she can choose to offset the processing fee making her total contribution $20.50 and providing the church with the full $20 donation.

Click here the recording of a recent webinar that outlines the eGiving services available through Vanco.

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Have questions? Contact Peter Johnson at Peter.Johnson@vancopayments.com or 952-352-8136.