Board of Ordained Ministry

The Board of Ordained Ministry is committed to excellent and fruitful clergy leadership for the churches of the Indiana Conference. Within these pages are some of the resources available to candidates and clergy interested in providing such leadership for Jesus Christ and the Church.

While one of the main tasks of the Board is to discover, develop, and deploy new clergy leaders for the present and future leadership in the Church, we do so connected to the laity and conference leaders through various levels. This covenantal relationship implies that clergy continue to stay connected to the Church and one another. The Board endeavors to keep that connection active and strong. We believe that helps keep the individuals and the larger Church in a stronger and more fruitful relationship.

And, we believe strongly in the principles of lifelong learning. So with Ministerial Education Funds received from our denomination, we seek to support clergy throughout their active ministry with resources to enhance and expand their personal gifts and graces dedicated to ministerial service. So, from inquiry to candidacy, to commissioning and ordination, and even through active service into retirement, the Board of Ordained Ministry seeks to help clergy leaders of our churches grow in grace and service.

Clergy Information

Candidates, please click here for information on the Candidacy for Ministry process.

For more information, please contact Rev. Tony Alstott, Chair of Board of Ordained Ministry, at, or at 317.924.1321.