Clergy Assessment

The Indiana Conference strives to cultivate fruitfulness over the lifespan of clergy by encouraging continued growth and maturity by God’s grace. The Clergy Assessment tool is an opportunity for us to “share our story” and learn from our collective work together.

Indiana Conference’s Leadership Development, along with the 10 District Superintendents, have identified three formative areas of fruitfulness for both clergy and laity: Discovering Discipleship Fruitfulness, Developing Congregational Fruitfulness, and Deploying Missional Fruitfulness. The Clergy Assessment is the online system, that is completed annually for providing feedback, mentoring and coaching resources, and improving clergy fruitfulness as disciples, as leaders of congregations, and as missional developers in the community and world.

The Clergy Assessment is a formative process rather than a summative procedure to assist clergy in gaining greater insights through self-reflection, self-evaluation, and feedback provided by the Staff/Pastor Parish Relations Committee in areas to affirm and areas that need further development. The purpose of ongoing feedback for clergy is not to ‘prove’ but to ‘improve’.

Please allow between 20-25 minutes to complete; however there is a “save” feature. All parts of the assessment must be completed to submit. Each “skill and competency” will require a comment that supports your rating. This is a free-form, so you can add any information that you feel will be supportive.

The Clergy Assessment should be completed by the appointed clergyperson (Self Assessment) and the Staff/Pastor Parish Relations Committee (Team Assessment) no later than November 30.

Should you have any questions, please contact your United Methodist District.



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