Continuing Formation

Guidelines for Clergy Continuing Education and Spiritual Formation

The life of the clergyperson is a journey of fruitfulness in Jesus Christ. Each year (July 1- June 30), clergy persons work collaboratively with Staff/Pastor Parish Relations Committees and Conference Superintendents to select and participate in continuing education contact hours (CEUs) which help them hone skills needed to continue leading in congregations and communities. Clergy Persons are expected to report continuing education contact hours annually by June 30.

Who: Requirements

Full-Time: All full-time clergy (Local Pastors, who have completed the Course of Study, ordained Elders and ordained Deacons) are required to complete 5 CEUs (50 continuing education contact hours) per year.

Part-Time: All part-time Clergy (Local Pastors, who have completed the Course of Study, ordained Elders and ordained Deacons) are required to complete 2 CEUs (20 continuing education contact hours) per year.

NOTE: Local Pastors who are in the Course of Study, Provisional Members who are in RIM, and those on Honorable Location are not required to complete any CEUs. Participation in the Course of Study or the RIM process fulfills the yearly CEU requirement.

What: Measurement of CEU’s

Ten contact hours equals one (1) CEU. One hour of continuing education equals 0.1 CEU. Please note: Reading books are equal to 0.1 CEU. Only 10 books may be reported per year, for 1 CEU.

When: Accountability Process

The Continuing Education Form is to be completed by the end of the Conference year (June 30). The Conference Superintendent could use the Continuing Education Form during Summer Conversations with each clergyperson.

How: Earning CEU’s

There is not a published “approved list” of Continuing Education/Spiritual Formation events. Instead of naming an “approved list” of events, each clergyperson is responsible for choosing growth producing, transforming, and formative events in collaboration with colleagues, the Staff/Pastor Parish Relations Committee, and Conference Superintendent. A “contact hour” is the actual time of learning or transformation—usually the actual hours of lecture, instruction, group discussion, or individual study. Hours for travel, meals, sleep, fellowship, and group discussion of issues outside the study topic are not considered contact hours.

Completing the Form

Please click here to complete your form. When you have completed your form, please send electronically (via e-mail) to your respective District Assistant.

Please also visit our Education page for more information.