Continuing Formation Grant

If you are applying for the $75 per diem for COVENANT DAY, please use the Clergy Continuing Formation Grant Application Form below. Thank you!

The life of the clergyperson is a lifelong commitment, and intentional pursuit of fruitfulness. Each clergyperson is responsible for choosing growth producing, transforming, and formative events/programs that will help them continue in her/his fruitfulness in ministry. Grants are available to all clergy, under appointment, serving in the Indiana Conference as; Associate Members, Deacons, Diaconal Members, Elders, Local Pastors (full and part-time), and Provisional Members.

These grants are provided by the continued faithful giving of local congregations to the Indiana Conference’s Tithe, which supports The United Methodist Church’s Ministerial Education Fund (MEF). There will be stewardship of these funds to ensure maximum impact for fulfilling the mission. 

The purpose of the Clergy Continuing Formation Grant is to fulfill the intent of paragraph 350.1 in the 2016 United Methodist Book of Discipline, “Throughout their careers, clergy shall engage in continuing education for ministry, professional development, and spiritual formation and growth in order to lead the church in fulfilling the mission of making disciples for Jesus Christ.”

The grants are distributed based on the availability of MEF Funds, according to the following disbursement:

  • Current grants for clergy appointed to full-time active service provide up to the lesser of $500;
  • Current grants for clergy appointed to part-time active service provide up to the lesser of $250.

Please carefully read the guidelines/instructions and send completed applications (4 weeks prior to the event) to:

Administrator of Leadership Development – Ministerial Services
301 Pennsylvania Parkway, Suite 300
Indianapolis, IN 46280

Or email completed application to:

Checks will be processed upon receipt of the completed application.