Building Discipleship Centers

Our heritage is deeply rooted in a belief that God calls each of us into service. For many youth and adults, that “call” came in a special setting in a camp or retreat setting apart from our normal community. Today we call those Discipleship Centers.

Every local church is a discipleship center, a place where disciples are called, nurtured, and challenged to change the world into God’s Kingdom. As a connection of churches, we are able to provide special places where we can work together outside of the walls of our church buildings and focus on hearing God’s invitation and challenge.

In launching the campaign, “Building Discipleship Centers,” our lead goal was “to develop a new learning and worship space that will replace the existing auditorium.” After vision, prayer, plans, demolition, and construction, a building has been built on the Epworth Forest Conference Center campus!

Watch this video to learn more about the Building Discipleship Centers Campaign.