Commission on Archives + History

Wondering about your beloved local church history or are you doing family genealogy? The Commission on Archives & History preserves the records and promotes the stories of existing and antecedent Conferences, denominations and local congregations of the United Methodist Church in Indiana.  To this end we work alongside the Joint Archives Committee to provide archival services at DePauw University to preserve valuable documents and historical items. Any United Methodist Church member can do free genealogical research on such things as the historical involvement of their family in the church, baptisms, weddings, etc. The Commission also spearheads training for Local Church Historians and oversees UM historical sites around Indiana, among many other things.


NOTICE:  At this time (Summer of 2022) the DePauw University / Indiana United Methodist Archives facilities are under renovation.  A complete remodeling of the building is underway.  Once completed this will mean a tremendous upgrade and improvement in the space, preservation and work being done in the Archives.  DURING this renovation the Archives are still open and can assist with many requests as we continue the work of preserving our beloved United Methodist history.  For contacting the DePauw University Archives see the link below.

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Should you have any questions or for more information, please contact Rev. Paul Wagner of the Connectional Ministries Team by clicking here.