Committee on Nominations

Committee on Nominations Seeks Members to Serve

Do you want to make a difference on behalf of God?  Have you ever been selected to a team of incredible, dedicated and talented people?  If so, you’ve seen the power of effective nominations to the right leadership positions — incredible ministries and life changing undertakings occur.  With that God-inspired hope, the Indiana Conference Committee on Nominations identifies, recruits, and supports leaders for the committees, boards and other structures of the Indiana Conference.

Wondering what ministries you could serve with and when they meet?  Click here:  Committee Descriptions

So that we might help you find the best fit for a volunteer spot, please complete the online Conference Volunteer Form and the Conference Nominations Team will be in touch.

Nominations Report / Leadership List

Nomination Process

As stated in the Indiana Conference Rules & Structure Document for 2022-23 (approved annual conference 2022), the Committee on Nominations is responsible for:

  1. filling vacancies between sessions of Annual Conference;
  2. naming membership to new groups formed by Annual Conference action (unless that task is specifically assigned to another group or to the Bishop);
  3. and reviewing the participation of elected members and replacing inactive members as needed and recommended by the chairperson of the affected committee.

In the identification and selection process, care shall be given that the leadership of ministries reflects inclusivity and diversity. Guidelines for inclusiveness shall be followed in accordance with the Book of Discipline. Special attention shall be given to the inclusion of clergywomen, youth, young adults, older adults, persons from churches with small memberships, people with disabilities, and racial and ethnic persons. (Discipline 610.5)

Volunteer Committee Attendance Policy

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