Every year, our churches and clergy are asked to complete an assessment process. The purpose of this process is to provide a tool that helps you have a constructive conversation with your assigned or appointed leadership about the current impact and potential effectiveness of ministry as well as providing an evaluative communication to your Conference Superintendent.

This assessment is used for all those who serve in our local churches under assignment or appointment which can include elders, deacons, local pastors, certified lay ministers, supply, serving through other fellowship, and those serving in retirement. This also includes associates.

Our expectation is that S/PPRC will work as a team to fill out the S/PPRC Clergy Assessment and share their responses with your assigned or appointed leadership prior to submitting the form.

Additional assistance on completing this assessment is available in our FAQ.

We are using Google forms as the platform for the assessment. This platform is free for you to use. It has also been upgraded to allow for a limited save feature. The limitation is that the draft will be saved for 30 days. As you schedule your time to complete and communicate the form, please consider that you will want to begin and end that process within 30 days. The save feature is also only available on the Google platform. If you have questions on how your form will save, please review the FAQ sheet.

We are asking for all forms to be submitted by December 1, 2022.

During assessment season, staff will be available to answer questions and assist you. It is our hope that the process of reviewing ministry effectiveness will be a positive experience for you and your team as you discuss ministry growth and development.