Children’s and Youth Ministry Reentry – May 22, 2020
TEMPLATE – To Be Modified for your church and ministry context

When will we resume in-person children’s and youth ministry activities?
• Stay in line with your church’s reopening schedule.
• Bishop Trimble has suggested that churches resume in-person gatherings no sooner than June 14.
• Learn what your local schools’ plans are for in-person meetings of children.

How many people can be present as we gather?
• If re-starting after June 14 as suggested, the number of people needs to be 250 or fewer.
• Social distancing still needs to take place, therefore, the number of people present needs to be based on the space available to continue social distancing.
• Small groups and smaller numbers are the safest at this time.

What does maintaining our facilities look like during this time?
• Cleaning and disinfecting each space between any groups is necessary.
• Clean areas immediately after use.
• Made sure there is enough time and staff allotted for proper cleaning in shifts.
• Crowd control will help with isolating areas that need cleaned. For example, use one door for entering and one for exiting.

How can we do our best to keeping everyone well?
• Over-communicate the need for those who are sick or live with someone who is sick to stay home.
• Share reminders for sick individuals and families to stay home in all electronic communication.
• Keep signs up with information about staying home if you are sick.
• Decide if you will require masks to be worn.

How do we handle social distancing?
• Over-communicate the need to social distance.
• Give reminders regularly to continue to social distance.
• Ask older students to take responsibility so that meeting together can continue.
• Create spacing on the floor and with chairs.
• Use signage.

How can we help our volunteers?
• Encourage all hands on deck with staff and volunteers.
• Maintain Safe Sanctuaries ratios.
• Ensure that staff and volunteers are healthy when participating.
• Prepare for any additional training needed, use role play to consider different scenarios.

How do we prepare for an incident of illness?
• If someone was on the premises and reports that they were sick, be prepared to communicate to those who were in contact with the ill person in a non-alarming manner.
• Closing the facility until all areas are sanitized is necessary.
• Have a response plan for communication to your congregation and the media if there is an illness.

How can we stay up to date on current information and resources?
• Ask your county health department about any area wide questions and concerns.
• Keep up to date with CDC recommendations.