Encourage the Call

Celebrate “Encourage the Call” Sunday:

The local church is a seedbed for calling. From teaching a Bible study, to serving on a mission trip, to offering the bread and cup during Sunday worship, the local church provides countless ways through which God might speak a word of calling into ordained ministry.

Encourage the Call invites you to celebrate “Encourage the Call” Sunday. There has not yet been a date set for this Sunday in 2019. The Call Sunday worship experience is designated for clergy and lay leaders to bear witness to the ways in which they responded to God.

A Culture of Calling:

Each person feels God’s call in a different way. Sometimes during prayer or communion, you may feel a strong urging or encouragement to consider full-time ministry. During a mission trip or at a church retreat, you might sense that God seems to be inviting you to consider ministry as a vocation. Sometimes, however, you may sense that calling while you’re in the middle of one of your everyday activities—attending class, working at your job, or spending time with friends. Perhaps someone has said something to you that started this train of thought.

However the invitation comes, you have to decide how you will answer. Is God calling you to use your gifts and talents as an ordained minister? You also need honest feedback. Talk with your family, friends, and your pastor, or another ordained deacon or elder. Share your thoughts and plans with these people and ask their advice. How do they see you sharing your skills, gifts, and talents with others?

If you decide you are called to ordained ministry, talk to your pastor, campus minister or chaplain, or someone else who is ordained. They will be able to help you contact your Conference Superintendent (CS). Let your CS know that you would like to enroll in the candidacy process. Ask the CS for the name of the person you should contact on the district Committee on Ordained Ministry (dCOM). It is at this time that the CS will help the dCOM assign to you a mentor who will help you navigate the ministry process. That will get the ball rolling. Be persistent.

If you decide you are called to serve as a layperson in the Church, work with your pastor or other church members to identify ways you can serve. Try out different ministries to discover what you enjoy doing and where your skills are. The Church has many ministries and certifications for full-time vocational service.