Board of Laity

Who are the Laity? We are not ordained clergy. We are not just the Lay Leader, Committee Chairpersons or the Lay speakers in the local church. We are the congregation, those not ordained but equally called to do ministry.

The Conference Laity Board is your voice.

The Conference Board of Laity is the elected lay leadership of the Annual Conference. The board represents and is accountable to the Annual Conference. The Conference Board of Laity is YOUR voice!

The Indiana Conference Board of Laity consists of the District Lay Leaders and the District Directors of Lay Servant Ministry who serve as the Conference Committee of Lay Servant Ministries.

The 2016 Book of Discipline (Paragraph 631) is clear that the Board of Lay shall have responsibility for the following:

  • fostering an awareness of the role of the laity,
  • developing the advocacy role for laity,
  • increasing the participation of laity in the life of the church
  • encouraging laypersons in the general ministry of the church,
  • developing and promoting programs to cultivate an adequate understanding of the theological and biblical basis for lay life and work,
  • developing and promoting stewardship of time, talent and possessions,
  • providing for the training of lay members to Annual Conference,
  • providing support and direction for such lay programs as lay speaking, the observance of Laity Sunday, and the work of lay leaders on the local and district levels,
  • organizing a conference committee on lay speaking ministries.
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