This past weekend brought much loss and devastation as tornadoes swept across six states. Our prayers are with the people of Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee. Authorities and first responders are still assessing the damage and needs so the initial phase of response may take a while. We will provide you with more information as it becomes available so that our local churches, districts, and conference may respond and serve.

What can we do while we wait? Pray, give, and be prepared to serve.

We do not go into affected areas without an invitation from the conference. Sometimes only trained Early Response Teams (ERT) are invited to serve initially. When the hurricane hit this past summer, they allowed a ratio of one non-ERT with every one ERT to assist with recovery. It is important for our conference to have trained ERTs not only to assist other conferences with disaster response but to be trained to respond to disasters in our own districts throughout Indiana. In January, there will be an ERT training available. To learn more and register click here.

To give, you can make a financial donation to UMCOR through your local church or here.

Click here to view the UMVIM’s response page to these storms.

Thank you for all that you are doing to serve in your church, community, and beyond. As always, if you have questions, training needs, or other requests, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Rev. Jen Huff
Missions Coordinator
Diversity, Missions, & Justice Ministries
United Methodist Churches of Indiana