About Mission + Justice

Mission + Justice Ministries seeks to help you make transformation a reality, by equipping and clarifying your life in mission. We believe God is transforming the world through you, me, and all of us.  Human thriving and transformation is made real when we lean into relationships in the broken places of the world.  It is the conviction of the Mission + Justice Ministries team that God is calling you and your local community to join in the healing work that God is already bringing about. This might be through participating in mission trips, building partnerships with local community organizations, responding to those in crisis, striving to resolve injustices, or simply put: loving your neighbor.

The goal of Mission + Justice Ministries is to connect local churches to resources for the purpose of conciousness-rasing, missional-action, and institutional change. Our resources focus particularly on building relationship and doing ministry in partnership with people and communities, while valuing each individual as a child of God. Areas of ministry resourcing include: Ministry with the Poor, Global Health, Disaster Response/UMCOR, Volunteers in Mission, The Advance, Prison and Jail Ministry, Creation Care, Disability Advocacy, Native American Awareness, Commission on Religion and Race, Commission on the States and Role of Women, Faith Community Nursing, Peace with Justice, Immigration Rights, Christian Unity, connection with UMC missionaries, partnerships with national and international mission organizations, and more.