Peace With Justice

National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims

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The Interrupters:  Members of the activist group CeaseFire work to curb violence in their Chicago neighborhoods by intervening in street fights and showing youths a better way to resolve conflicts. Click here to view Full Documentary view Trailer

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Peace with Justice Grant


The Peace with Justice Grant is funded by the offerings of the local church to the Special Sunday offerings for Peace with Justice Sunday. Peace with Justice Sunday is usually celebrated on the First Sunday After Pentecost or on another appropriate day for the local church because Pentecost celebrates the outpouring of the Holy Spirit unto us, which compels us to live into God’s shalom. “Peace with Justice witnesses to God’s demand for a faithful, just, disarmed, and secure world” (263.5).

This offering, which is under the general supervision of the General Board of Church and Society, is used to aid in the struggle to bring and share a just peace. As such, the Indiana Annual Conference encourages not only ministries of mercy, but ministries of justice. To that end, this grant will be provided for the building up of ministries and course of actions that seek to help move humanity towards a world where peace and justice reign.

The amount in grant that an applicant can request can be up to $2,000. The actual amount awarded will be determined by the Peace with Justice Grant Committee.


To apply for the Peace with Justice (PwJ) grant, the applicant must be a United Methodist local church, district, or other affiliated organization, or an ecumenical group or organization working with and through at least one United Methodist agency, organization, or church.

Grant recipients shall make it known that this program or project is supported by the United Methodist Peace with Justice Program and conversely allow for the Peace with Justice Program to share the story of the funded project/program for publicity of the Peace with Justice Program.

Preference will be given first to Peace with Justice ministries done through the local United Methodist Church, followed by institutions of or related to the UMC. There will be given preference also to to first-time requests and to those including an advocacy component in their program/project. The proposed program or project must be relevant to changing systemic issues of injustice. The PwJ Grant is not intended for charity ministries, but for ministries that seek to change or address the root problems. Examples of possible projects are the following, but not limited to: Advocacy Projects, Raising Awareness of Issues of Injustice, Prison/Jail Ministries, Gambling Concerns, etc.

Application Process

Applications are available online now and must be received for consideration no later than October 15 of each calendar year. The maximum grant amount is two thousand dollars ($2000). 

To apply, please begin your online application here

The Diversity, Missions, and Justice Grant Team will review the applications to verify that it meets all the requirements. If additional information is needed, the applicant will be contacted.

Please direct all questions to Rev. Jen Huff,