Legacy Partners

Legacy Partners are organizations and institutions that have partnered with The United Methodist Churches around the world. These legacy partners are in mission as they witness to students abroad, persons in need of medical supplies, and those in need of vocational and academic education. See some of our Legacy Partners below.

Africa University

Africa University is the first and only fully accredited institution of higher learning established on the African continent by action of the General Conference of The United Methodist Church. African Bishops founded this amazing institution in response to the call for a university for the whole of Africa to foster intellectual, moral, ethical and spiritual growth in its students.

As the flagship mission of higher education of The United Methodist Church on the African continent, Africa University remains true to the enduring pan-African vision of an integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa. Africa University is pan-African by design and is home to students, faculty and staff from more than 28 African countries. Thanks to this diversity, which is stronger than ever, Africa University is a place where Africa happens every day.

Mission, Vision and Values:


Africa University aspires to become a world class university for leadership development in Africa.


The mission of Africa University is to provide quality education within a Pan-African context through which persons can acquire general and professional knowledge and skills, grow in spiritual maturity, develop sound moral values, ethics and leadership qualities.


  • Academic Excellence
  • God Fearing
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Diversity
  • Ubuntu

Operation Classroom

The Mission of Operation Classroom is to partner with the United Methodist Churches of Liberia and Sierra Leone to improve secondary education – particularly vocational education. 

For 30 years, Operation Classroom has partnered with the United Methodist Churches of Liberia and Sierra Leone to improve Secondary Education and has provided thousands of scholarships allowing students who would otherwise be unable to attend school to get an education. 

Nearly 100 containers of school and medical supplies have been shipped to Liberia and Sierra Leone.  Operation Classroom has also coordinated many Volunteer in Mission Teams that have provided the opportunity for hundreds of Indiana United Methodists to have a “hands-on” experience in mission.