It has come to our attention that an email account has been created or “spoofed” that is not currently, nor has it been, associated with the Indiana Conference of The United Methodist Church.

If you received an email from “Julius C. Trimble” with the email address “” and subject line “Be quick with your response” please be advised and aware, and delete the email without opening. The reply-to email,, is not associated with the Indiana Conference of The United Methodist Church or Bishop Trimble.

Please note, any legitimate emails that come from the Indiana Conference will read;

  • “Indiana Conference of The United Methodist Church” –,
  • “United Methodist Churches of Indiana” –,
  • Information on church finances, tithe, etc. will come from Heidi Harding,, Ian Hall, or the Council on Finance and Administration.
  • Any email from Bishop Julius C. Trimble will read “Bishop Julius C. Trimble”

All legitimate emails will reflect the current INUMC logo and brand and will not utilize the old INUMC logo. (see below)


These instances are a reminder to proceed with caution when opening an email from a person or organization that you do not recognize. The Indiana Conference of The United Methodist Church, otherwise known as the United Methodist Churches of Indiana as well as Bishop Trimble, will never ask for the sending of money without proper authorization documentation.

If you receive an email from a Conference Staff Member, Extended Cabinet Member (Superintendents & Director, or Bishop Trimble) that look suspect in nature, please contact the Indiana Conference directly at 317-924-1321 or