Friday morning allowed for a time of centering, worship, and Bible study prior to starting the business of the day. 

Rev. Dr. Kim Reisman taught on our Annual Conference theme scripture passage, Ephesians 4: 4-6, While also referencing Genesis, Reisman talked about the difference between approaching scripture with a wide lens versus a zoom lens. 

“We excel in an individualistic interpretation of just about everything – we’re all about understanding Scripture in terms of ourselves – but it’s dangerous to only use a zoom lens – it’s dangerous to use our own circumstances as the single interpretive lens”

Reisman reminded us that reading Scripture with a wide-angle lens provides a different, broader view. “it reminds us that we aren’t the only one’s reading.” Reisman said that wide-angle lens view allows us to remember that we are a global church, not an individual one. A global, connected church, scattered across Indiana and the world as God has placed each of us, strategically, right where we are. 

“The source of our oneness is the God of the whole world, whose power and love both transcend culture and redeem it,” said Reisman. 

Following the morning Bible study, Bishop Trimble addressed the audience and provided encouragement and vision. In his episcopal address, Bishop Julius C. Trimble preached on the power of our connection and how our togetherness can change the world for Christ.
“The church at it’s best is an instrument of God’s grace!”
Trimble said that we are to be missional in bringing that grace to the world. “We will not be measured by our seating capacity but our sending capacity.” Together we can do so much more.