The 2017 Annual Conference opened with vibrant worship along with a welcome and call to session from Bishop Julius C. Trimble. Bishop Trimble and First Lady Grandberry-Trimble, who are experiencing their first Annual Conference in Indiana, were met with a warm welcome and standing ovation. 

A humbled and tearful Bishop Trimble preached “Believe in Miracles”, sharing from the Gospel of Matthew on the miracles of Jesus, particularly the feeding of the multitude. 

“Jesus Christ never performed miracles to display his power, He always used his power to aid, relieve, heal the most needy and oppressed.”

Bishop Trimble also reminded us that we shouldn’t worry about the future of The United Methodist Church because “our God is able and in fact, it’s not your church anyway!” 

Bishop Trimble celebrated Bishop Mande Muyombo as the first graduate of Africa University to be elected as a bishop of The United Methodist Church. He spoke of Indiana’s impact in aiding the fight against malaria and HIV/AIDS.

After the Bishop’s message, the attendees came together for a time of prayer and worship, including a multi-lingual singing of “How Great is Our God.” 

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