Community Prayer Breakfast: Saturday, June 9 from Indiana Conference UMC on Vimeo.

The 2018 Annual Conference Community Prayer Breakfast opened with a greeting and prayer from Bishop Trimble. Shannon Priddy, national President of United Methodist Women and Indiana native, began her address with a reading of Matthew 5:15-16 from The Message and singing This Little Light of Mine. She encouraged attendees to use their gifts, their ‘lights,’ to put their faith, hope, and love into action. “Do more than see all the people – invest in all the people, invite all the people,” Priddy said.
Rev. Jake Ohlemiller read Matthew 9:35-38 and painted a picture of God’s people going out into the harvest, working as a team, singing songs and sharing stories, and returning to share a feast; to bring back to God what belongs to God. He invited attendees to reflect upon ways we sometimes ignore the charge to tend to God’s harvest, and Stan Clark offered a prayer that we might rekindle our desire to reap God’s harvest.
Rev. Jake Ohlemiller then reminded us of Christ’s commission to see all the people and invited those in attendance to go around their tables and mention five names for whom the heartbreaks; lost children of God that need to be guided into his light. Rev. Angel Rea then led a heartfelt prayer of intercession for the names spoken.
Rev. Julia Pritchett, Carmel Saint Marks UMC, again emphasized the Matthew 5:14-16 verse from The Message translation – we are charged with “bringing out the God-colors of the world.” The church should see all the people, and all the people should see in the church the light and hope of Christ. Janelle Ohlemiller spoke of our personal light, our spiritual gifts, through which God shines his light on the world. Attendees were given time to reflect and share on their own gifts, as well as time to share the gifts they witnessed by interacting with those sitting around them. A prayer of thanksgiving was offered.
Janelle also invited guests to a closing prayer and all participants joined together in the Lord’s Prayer. Bishop Trimble reflected on all of the people it takes to make things happen and invited those in attendance to “be a blessing as we walk from this place,” and invited all to the commissioning and ordination service.