Christians from across the nation will be performing acts of thanks and appreciation for their church leaders this month, as October is deemed Clergy Appreciation Month, a time when we shine the spotlight on the men and women who have answered the call and have made the ultimate commitment to serve God’s people, amidst all circumstances. But finding a gift that reflects a message of appreciation and gratitude can be difficult. Quite often, we select gifts based on our own personal assumptions, instead of visualizing the needs or desires that our clergyperson may have immediately or in the future. Also, you may not have a lot of time to find a touching gift. 

To help, we’ve listed 5 different styles of gifts that you may want to veer away from, given that there’s a dramatic difference between simply giving a nice gift, and giving the right gift. 

A Bible. 
Chances are your Clergyperson already has a Bible, or perhaps several, in their library. 

An item with a cross or “prayer hands.”
The cross and prayer hands design are overarching symbols of Christian leadership, and chances are, your favorite clergyperson may already posses numerous items etched with those designs in their home or library. 

An empty “thank you” card. 
A thank you card expressing your appreciation is a wonderful thought; a thank you card with a $5 gift card for coffee, even better. 

Only one ticket. 
Whether it’s a game, movie, or lunch, always try to consider your clergy spouse. They are an important part of your church’s ministry, and deserve to be appreciated as well. So, if possible, be sure to provide gifts that make it easier for both clergy and spouse to participate. 

Be mindful of diets. 
If you’re considering gifting your clergyperson with a gift basket or a meal, ensure that you select items or restaurants that provide a wide range of choices, given that your clergyperson and their spouse may follow a special diet, or may have certain food allergies. 

Some options include: 

A date to Cookies and Canvas
Gift your clergyperson with evening at Cookies and Canvas in Indianapolis. Created with the same concept of “Wine and Canvas,” where couples and friends can channel their inner Picasso while sipping fine wine, Cookies and Wine provides the same benefits, but with cookies! 

Family Fun at King’s Island
October also marks the end of summer-like weather. How about treating your clergyperson and family to a day at King’s Island in Mason, Ohio? The amusement park is open until October 30th, leaving plenty of time to for a family getaway. You may also seal the deal with a gas card. 

Free babysitting
Show your clergy how much they mean to you by providing them the one thing parents can’t get enough of, free quality babysitting. One or more congregants can volunteer to watch your pastor’s kids, while the clergy couple get some well-deserved TLC. Babysitters: You can find tips on how to plan a fun and eventful night, here

Indiana Fall Festivals
It’s festival season across Indiana, and chances are there is fall festival taking place in or near your town. A great idea would be to gift your clergyperson with enough tickets to invite their spouse, family, or friends. An added bonus: food vouchers. Learn more at