October is Clergy Appreciation Month
This month, show your clergyperson how much you appreciate his/her leadership, time, effort, and love for your community. Clergy Appreciation Month is a time set aside for congregations to celebrate all God has done in their community through the person called to lead their congregation. While this month is not meant to glorify a human being, there are ways church members can show their care and respect for their clergyperson.  Here are 5 Ways to Appreciate Your Clergyperson that will better equip them for the road ahead. 

5 Ways to Appreciate Your Clergyperson 

  1. Giftcards for Outings:  Give your clergyperson a gift card to a nice restaurant, family event center, movie theater etc. This allows them time to reconnect with those closest around them including family and friends. 
  2. Clergy Care: It may seem strange to offer, but gifts of counseling, coaching services are a way to show that you care about the “whole” clergyperson. As stories of clergy burnout continue to arise, this gift will allow your clergyperson to replenish and take care of him/herself in ways that will allow them to be better equipped for the ministry God has called them to in the days ahead. 
  3. FitBit/Gym Membership: Offer the clergyperson a way to track their health and wellness in a way that encourages them. FitBits or other health tracking devices, or paying for their gym membership for the year can lead to greater health, vitality, and community connection. 
  4. A Week of Encouraging Letters: Invite the congregation, or even just your family, to send the clergyperson an encouraging letter every day during the month of October. 
  5. Let them rest!: This is important. Encourage your clergyperson to take regular Sabbaths and remind the congregation what day that is so that your pastor is allowed adequate time to rest and replenish in the presence of our Creator.