United Methodists gathered today, Tuesday, November 8, for a special Election Day Prayer service led by Indiana Area Bishop Julius C. Trimble and other United Methodist leaders from across the connection. 
The prayer gathering began at the heart of Downtown Indianapolis, Roberts Park United Methodist Church on Delaware Street, and proceeded to the stairs of the Indiana Statehouse. Amid intentional prayer for our country, the church, our current season of various transitions, Bishop Trimble shared 'When Tomorrow Comes,' a poem he had written specifically for the occasion. 

When Tomorrow Comes

The sun will rise

God will still be God

God will still be good

And we will still need GOD

When tomorrow comes

Victory will be declared 

And the poor will still be with us

Fear and food deserts,

The hungry and homeless

When tomorrow comes

The questions will still remain 

Where have all the prophets gone

Who speaks for the children

Who welcomes the stranger

When tomorrow comes

Will you honor the golden rule

Will you pray and pay attention

Will you make the gospel come alive

When tomorrow comes

Be real

Be present

Be still

Be hope and for Christ sake

Be the church 


Poem title: When Tomorrow Comes

By Bishop Julius Calvin Trimble 




Photos from the Election Day Prayer service can be found on our Smugmug account