The United Methodist Churches of Indiana’s Leadership Development team is looking for an Associate Director to focus on the discovery, development, and deployment of laity.

What’s a laity you might ask? The term laity is often used in the Church to describe those who are not ordained to serve as clergy. Lay people play a key role in the ministry and life of the Church and in our communities and we believe that God calls all people to serve… as clergy or lay. 

What does the Associate Director of Leadership Development – Laity do? 
Well, lots! This ideal player will work closely with a team of leaders from across Indiana to realize the mission and vision of the Indiana United Methodist Church. Training related to Lay Servant Ministries, developing local church Lay Leaders, and supporting lay members of all ages are high priorities in this role.  He/she will be coordinating laity related areas of Annual Conference, with the help of the Board of Laity. Providing communication and support for lay leaders throughout the conference via newsletters, learning opportunities, and networking are essential in this role. A highlight of the job’s responsibilities is encouraging the call of lay persons and helping them take next steps on their journey of faith, service, and mission.