Bishop Julius C. Trimble continues his multi-district tour of the Conference, this time stopping in the Southeast District. The bishop began his visit at Korean UMC, where he shared a message of hope to an enthusiastic congregation with a choir consisting entirely of Korean students that attend Indiana University. The bishop also affirmed the constructions plans for the new parsonage, with construction set to break ground this summer.

The bishop met with local pastors and spouses for lunch to exchange ideas and goals for enriching the ministerial experience for churchgoers and those who have yet to encounter Christ. Those conversations were followed by a meet and greet with Shane and Shanon Hartman to discuss developments in the programming at Camp Moneto. Bishop Trimble was able to delve into the mission and advocacy programs established by Asbury and Columbus UMCs, including outreach programs for feeding the hungry, housing development, and aiding children living with physical and mental deficiencies. To conclude his visit, Trimble met with the District Operational team and Peer Leaders to discuss their visions for the Southeast District.