Last week, Bishop Trimble paid a visit to Africa University, a United Methodist-supported institution investing in Africa’s future by equipping its leaders through a relevant and faith-based curriculum. The bishop is an active member of the Africa University Board of Directors, and his multi-day visit allowed space for him and other members to continue learning about the work and development of the institution, and engage with students and faculty, as well as neighbors from across the region.

Bishop Trimble stated, “Africa University is a shining example of Global Mission and The United Methodist Church at its best. Thank you, Indiana, for your support and willingness to keep this world-class university preparing leaders for the continent of Africa and around the globe.”

Africa University has flourished since its inception in 1992. The University’s diverse curriculum and efforts to provide students with a rewarding education with the technology to help them serve as ambassadors in their communities are just a couple of the many reasons the institution appeals to students and faculty from nearly 30 African nations.

But AU’s primary focus doesn’t stop at creating sustainable leaders. The school has a heart for Africa and the many different cultures that make the continent unforgettable. As the university continues to grow, leaders and faculty seek way its presence can leave a positive footnote on the communities it serves.

AU’s rapid growth over the past decade has brought hope and a sense of assurance to Mutare. And its continuous expansion has brought about revitalization, which has helped boost the economy in a region that has battled with a volatile economy for years.