The United Methodist Foundation of Indiana became the home of the Rejuvenate Ministry in 2012.  Through the work of Rejuvenate Ministry, clergy and congregations have had the opportunity to strengthen their skills in financial leadership. Over 2,100 clergy and laity have attended educational workshops sponsored by Rejuvenate. Almost 700 clergy have received grants to help with the cost of seminary education, begin personal contributions for retirement, address clergy family emergencies and help pastors move from congregational ministry to other vocational callings. In all $6 million was distributed. 

The grant ended on December 31, 2015. We celebrate the support from IU Health, individuals and churches that helped complete the $3 million match of the Lilly Endowment grant. In research done this year, we learned that Rejuvenate participants reported they were better able to handle their current finances than five years earlier compared with those who did not participate. We celebrate the role that lay persons played as financial counselors, participants in Extravagant Generosity Workshops and as conveners/instructors in faith based educational programs.

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