The Celebration of Ministry: Commissioning and Ordination Service began with a time of praise and worship as the ordinands, provisional members, and Bishop Trimble processed into the auditorium.
 Bishop Trimble performed the rite of baptism for 3 infants:  
 Charlotte Rey Cassiday, daughter of Rev. Ben and Eva Cassiday
 Josiah Owen Englehart, son of Rev. Melissa and Christopher Englehart
 Henry James Swisher. son of Rev. Matt and Katie Swisher

The service continued with the presentation of persons to be ordained, commissioned, and recognized, into the orders of deacon, elder, and ministers in The United Methodist Church. Following the presentation, hands were laid upon each person. 

Bishop Latrelle Easterling, serving as a bishop in the Baltimore-Washington Conference, began her address with a heartfelt welcome and thanks to Bishop Trimble and First Lady Grandberry-Trimble, and the Indiana Conference before sharing from Ephesians 4: 1-6. Easterling gave special thanks for the presentation of a special video from her home church, University United Methodist Church in Indianapolis, which included special testimony and blessings from friends and family. 

Bishop Easterling preached ‘A Life Worthy of the Call.”
“The undisciplined call is not worth giving. We must surrender who we were to become who God wants us to be,” said Easterling. Our call is to strive to live, love, listen, and lead well, because we are the only translation of God’s word that some people will ever see. Speaking from 1 Corinthians 13, Easterling encouraged all to bear with one another in love, despite differences and disagreements. “We may not agree on all the matters facing the church, but we must remember that we are more together.” Easterling concluded with a charge to the ordinands and commissioners: that in the face of trials and disagreements, “Walk worthy anyhow! Walk worthy of the call of Jesus the Christ!”

The service continued with the examination and ordination of a deacon, Mary Rebekah Ward Dicken, and the examination and presentation of those being ordained as Elder. As each name was announced, they were surrounded by those who have encouraged them in their ministry and hands were laid upon. 

Bishop Trimble then commissioned 1 provisional deacon, 8 provisional elders and ordained 1 deacon and 8 elders as full members and recognized the ordinations of 3 members from other Christian faiths as full elders. 

There was a moment of pause and remembrance for Catherine Ann Clayton who was to be ordained today. Catherine moved on to the Church Triumphant on April 23, 2017. The stole that was to be given to Catherine was worn throughout the service by Rev. Shannon Stringer, Chairperson of the Residency in Ministry program, and then presented to Catherine’s son, David in her memory. 

After all were presented, examined, and prayed over. There was a time of offering and moment for those who may be feeling a call to ministry to come forward to be prayed over in an act of profession. 

The Conference Superintendents gave the receiving of appointments to be approved by the annual conference as presented. 

The service concluded with a processional to the song, “I Will Go”

PHOTOS from the Commissioning and Ordination Ceremony can be found HERE.