Clergy Spouse Retreat in Indianapolis
This past weekend, over 30 clergy spouses from across the Indiana Conference gathered at Drury Inn in Indianapolis for the 2017 Clergy Spouse Retreat. With the theme of Growing Together, clergy spouses were invited to focus on and navigate the idea and practices of growing together as clergy spouses, as clergy couples, and as disciples of Jesus Christ. The two-day weekend retreat was an opportunity for spouses to devote time to worshipping, praying and meditating, fellowshipping, and creating. Speakers and breakout sessions covered topics such as discipleship, creation care, strengthening your marriage, self-care, and more. 

The retreat began Friday evening with icebreaker conversations and a chance to unwind and network with neighbors, followed by an opening speech to set the theme for the retreat. Saturday included a morning breakout session, recreational time in the afternoon, and an evening worship service with prayer stations. First Lady Grandberry-Trimble, who was attending her first Clergy Spouse retreat in the Indiana Conference, was elated to part an experience geared toward investing and uplifting clergy ministry partners. 

The event closed with a speaker on Sunday morning. Almost all speakers and leaders were clergy spouses, which helped to ensure that the messages and content being shared were relatable for all the clergy spouses in attendance. 

“This has been one of the best retreats in recent memory! Loved the break-out groups, the worship time, and being engaged during the sessions! Loved the hotel even more!” commented Lauren Ice on Facebook. 

Another clergy spouse stated “My! What a powerful time of worship tonight! It was a joy to have our First Lady with us today.”

The retreat was hosted by Thrive, a ministry in the Indiana Conference that encourages and empowering clergy spouses and families.