Rev. Dr. Cindy Reynolds has announced, with pleasure, Allison Curtis, Associate Director of Mission & Justice Ministries, will also serve as the Conference Disaster Response Coordinator in addition to her regular duties, working in partnership the Rev. Tom Heaton, Assoc. Dir. Mission & Justice Ministries, under the umbrella of Connectional Ministries.

Allison has been a leader in the area of missions, justice, and advocacy in the Conference for several years and has built connections throughout each of our districts and various ministries connected to the work of missions. She has also partnered with our Volunteers in Missions teams, Emergency Response Trainers, and the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) in understanding the needs of each of these areas during a disaster and how to best prepare us to respond to our neighbors in need.

Combining these roles will allow for enhanced communications between teams, districts, the Conference, and communities healing from disaster.

If you are interested in learning more about the ministry of disaster response or would like to engage in training for yourself or your group, please contact Allison Curts at or call 317.324.1921.